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Nettle spring soup prepared at Multicooker Crock- Pot Express with pressure cooking

Nettle spring soup prepared at Multicooker Crock- Pot Express with pressure cooking

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The meat is washed and placed in the Crock Pot Express Multicooker bowl with pressure cooking, with 2 l of cold water.

Add salt to taste.

Close the lid by turning it from the open position to the closed position.

The steam valve also closes.

Set the POULTRY program, High pressure and cooking time of 35 minutes.

I had a country chicken and that's why I set a longer time, otherwise 20 minutes would be enough.

While the appliance is heating up, HEAT appears on the screen, which means that the appliance is heating up. The set cooking time will appear after the beep.

Some steam will come out until the pressure inside the appliance has stabilized.

At the end of the cooking time the audible signal will be heard and the appliance will switch to KEEP WARM.

Press the STOP key, let the pressure release for a few minutes, then carefully open the steam valve with a spatula and kitchen glove, to avoid contact with hot steam.

Carefully open the lid.

Remove the meat and strain the soup.

The meat is cleaned of the skin and removed from the bone. Then break the strips or cut according to preference.

Put a tablespoon of oil in the appliance bowl, set the BROWN / SAUTE program and the time for 5 minutes.

When the pot has warmed up, sauté the vegetables that I cleaned, cut into slices or put on a grater. Add salt and pepper to taste.

We also put the chicken over the vegetables and we pour the chicken soup.

We close the lid and the steam valve, we set the SOUPE program and the time of 15 minutes.

At the end of the program, release the steam by opening the valve, carefully open the lid.

Put the farfalle pasta, the nettles, the lettuce and the borscht cube in the pot, close the lid and the steam valve again, set the SOUPE program and the time for 8 minutes.

Release the steam and carefully open the lid.

Mix the egg yolk with the cream and starch, then add a pinch of hot soup, until the two compositions reach the same temperature.

Put the cream mixture in the pot and sprinkle with chopped greens.

Serve hot.

Good appetite!!!