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Pork ribs with honey and lemon

Pork ribs with honey and lemon

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Recipe of pork ribs with honey and lemon of 05-09-2014 [Updated on 19-01-2018]

Last weekend I prepared pork ribs with honey and lemon, I must say that at my house they are opening up a lot to sweet and sour tastes, especially my mom who was the most difficult one towards using honey on meat, but after a moment of distrust they devoured my pork ribs and promoted them to me for the next braciata or to do in the oven at the first opportunity;) When we organize the braciate in my house, everyone has his task, there are those who do the shopping, who lights the fire, who controls the cooking and then there is me, the person in charge of the marinades, be it fish, meat or fruit skewers, I always look for a way to flavor the ingredients in a different way before cooking them. You can also find this recipe on Donna Moderna on newsstands this week, on my rubricetta "kitchen vistamare", greetings to all and good weekend :)


How to make honey and lemon pork ribs

Put the pork ribs in a baking dish and cover with honey, juice and lemon peel. Stir, cover the bowl with cling film and put in the fridge to rest for at least 30 minutes

Now cook the meat on a hot grill or on the grill

Cook on both sides for a few minutes

Add salt to the pork ribs and serve accompanying the meat with salad and a lemon wedge.

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